• LK-LSW150/200 Ornament Laser Spot Welder
LK-LSW150/200 Ornament Laser Spot Welder

Laser spot welding is one of the important laser technology in material processing. The spot welding process is heat-conduction type, i.e.., it uses laser pulse of high energy to partially heat the micro area of materials, and after diffusing to the inside of material through conduction, the material will be melted and special molten pool will be formed.

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The series machines are mainlyapplied upon repairing hole of metal ornaments, sand eye spot welding, seam repair, welding of ornaments and welding of micro precise parts. During the welding process, the heat influencing area is relatively small and the welding spot can be adjusted. It covers such industries as golden and silver ornaments, electronic communications, hardware, clocks and watches, stainless steel and titanium metal etc.

The advantages of LIN KE laser spot welder are such as rapid speed, small deformation, high welding quality, flat welding seam, free of intermediate brazing filler metal, firm and beautiful welding spot, free of pollution, small volume and convenient operation etc.

  LK- LSW150          LK-LSW200  
Average Laser power 150W 200W
Central Wavelength 1064nm 
Maximum Single Pulse Energy 60J 80J
Frequency Welding  100Hz 
Pulse Width 0.1-20ms 
Welding Depth 2.5mm 3mm
Gathering facular diameter 0.1-2.0mm 
Power Consumed 6KW 8KW
Power Supply AC220V±10% , 50Hz 
Control System SCM program control 
Cooling System External water-cooled (optional built-in water-cooled)