• CO2 Laser Marking
CO2 Laser Marking

The main components, such as RF excited CO2 laser, high-speed scanner and professional controling software are from USA.

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This marking / cutting machine is with high precision, high speed and stability.

This marking / cutting machine is available for long-timed operation continuously.

Marking surface or processing depthly engraving/cutting is available through controling laser power and depth.

This marking / cutting machine will make products more variable looking.

Laser Power 10W/30W /50W /100W 
Power 500W/1.2KW /2KW/4 KW 
Laser Wavelength 10.6um
Marking Speed 8000mm/s 
Marking / Cutting Depth 5mm(material)
Minimum Line Width 0.3mm 
Repeatability ±0.005mm
Marking / Cutting Area Marking / Cutting Area
Minimum Characters 0.4mm 
Frequency Rate 0.250KHz