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LIN KE CO., LTD is a professional company which provides industrial laser processing machines and total solutions of laser technology. We mainly produce and sell laser engraving/ cutting/ marking/ welding machines and own the complete types, including YAG series, series Fiber laser marking machines, laser diodes marking machine, CO2 series laser engraving/cutting machines, CO2 series laser marking marchines etc. digital controlling processing equipments.Its serial products enjoy good popularity by users because of advanced performance, fine effect, well after-sale service, competitive price and easily operated. Especially,LG and LC series which perform effectively and in high precision,fine working efficiency. More, we own the completed producing line to provide customers excellent quality and can meet user’s different request. Thus, special fittings are available for various processing fields and different processing and objects. Laser Engraving/Cutting Machines with special function also can be configured according to user’s needs, for example, working platform with up and down or special size processing plateform. Those designers are with excellent effect, good work performance, and more close to needs of industry,so the products are widly regonized by market.This also becomes our competitive advantage.



Furtherly, due to prominent performance, convenient operation and maintenance, laser processing machines are widely used in hardware tools, automobile and motorcycle fittings, sanitary wares, electronic components, mold manufacturing, electrical appliances, golden and silver ornaments, plastic products, mobile pushbuttons, garments and leathers, glass products and food packaging etc. The extra-value is added upon industry’s products after laser process, and furtherly raise product value of industries.


From inception, Lin Ke always hold the spirit of “ Honest, Sincereness, Devoutness” to serve customers and keep improving attitude to provide customer the best and the most advanced equipment and technology. “Honor First and Service Foremost” is our managing adherence. We have company branches, producing factories and OEM technique center in Taichunge, Kaohsiung. And for providing customers more complete after-sale service, also to expand overseas market, we have starting business over China, Vietnam, India, Middle East and so on. We always hold the spirit of constant improvement and hope the chance to raise industries’s product value through cooperation.